Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Software testing tips

OK here we go with my first real post.

As I have mentioned, I want to share software tips - especially software testing tips.

Here are some - I hope to add to this list over time.

Need to be more agile in your development? Need Continuous Integration? I have written a tutorial on Nunit/Jenkins.

I found this useful about how to view .pages files on a PC/Windows machine.  Basically, rename them as a zip and open preview.

If you need Jenkins to run from the DOS prompt (say SYSTEM user doesn't have the permissions needed for your build).

.NET 4.0/4.5 inconsistencies - an example of why we need to test on different platforms.

Some more on this subject - need to upgrade to .NET4.5 to get some WPF bugs fixed?

Actually, this sort of thing, having to regression test on many platforms/browsers, is a very good argument for test automation - and that's exactly what Doogle Ltd is expert at - automated software testing experts.

Useful conversion from pdf to word:

Another useful thing! I needed an electronic signature - I used fountain pen free for the iPad.

Need to get your head around Business Driven Development (BDD)? I found this useful.

Quick tip. Copy-paste the content from your web site and spell/grammar check in your word-processor of choice.

Need to share source code with others in an SVN repository? I like unfuddle:

Need to convert between file types for say an inline email? Try

Tip of the week: take screen shots and videos of applications under test and share with Jing:

Top tip: Need to check your web site is up? I use this:

Need to simulate poor network for testing purposes? I use TMnetSim:

Need to view a very large text file (a log file maybe?) and Notepad can't cope? Try Large Text File Viewer:

Old pc or laptop running slow? - try an excellent LINUX OS - it's free!

Here's another software testing tip. Ever needed to take a screen shot with an iPad? Here's how:

I used to use XPather a plugin for firefox (but it no longer supports the latest versions of firefox).  So I have been using Firebug - I find this excellent to find Xpaths to use in my Selenium scripts.

Testing Tip: If you need to test an iPad, iPhone or iPod app, install the .ipa with i-Funbox

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  1. Hope people find this useful - let me know what you think. Cheers, Tony